Area Development Partnership



Project Details

Area Development Partnership
1,000 members
Chamber of Commerce,
Economic Development,
Convention & Visitors Bureau

LOCATION:Hattiesburg, Mississippi


CAMPAIGN GOAL:$2,000,000 over five years



Mike Collins
Mississippi Power Company
Chad Newell
Area Development Partnership

I must admit that I was a little skeptical when the ADP first began discussing a major fundraising campaign. My skepticism was based on the fact that we were in the middle of a horrible recession and the greater Hattiesburg Area business community was cutting back significantly in their support for non-profit organizations as a result.  Furthermore, our community is not that large and our corporate base is limited.  But you made a believer out of me! We not only passed our goal of $2 Million, but we raised more than $2.35 Million!  Our success involved many factors, but I give major credit to you, to the Strategic Plan that First Community helped us develop, and to the campaign management provided your FCD Team.
Greg Garraway, Regions Bank, ADP Board Chairman
Success is hard to beat! This is the second campaign that Steve Dorough and First Community Development have conducted for the Area Development Partnership and both have exceeded their goals significantly.  Steve is a confident and professional fundraiser who has conducted successful campaigns all over Mississippi and the Southeast.  When it comes to professional fundraising, I could not recommend another company any higher than I would Steve and First Community Development.
Chad Newell, President, Area Development Partnership

When the Hattiesburg Area Development Partnership needed some extraordinary fundraising, they turned to someone who knew the lay of the land.

ADP needed funding to underwrite a new program of Economic Development for the three-county area it serves. They were concerned about trying to raise extraordinary funding during the “Great Recession”. And they only wanted to raise funds for Economic Development from their corporatecommunity…no public sector funding. COMPETITIVE EDGE was the second successful campaign First Community Development conducted or the ADP raising $2.35 Million on a $2 Million goal strictly from private corporate sources! It was the most money ever raised in the greater Hattiesburg area in the worst economic times.

Raising 118% of the target gets people talking.