Carroll County Chamber of Commerce



Project Details

Carroll County Chamber of Commerce
700 members
Chamber of Commerce,
Economic Development,

PROGRAM NAMEAdvantage Carroll

LOCATION:Carroll County, Georgia


CAMPAIGN GOAL:$3,300,000 over five years



Tim Warren
United Community Bank

Daniel Jackson
Carroll County Chamber of Commerce

I have enjoyed watching firsthand the professionalism you and the First Community Development team exhibit, your ability to “sell” the need for sustainable economic development to our community, your expertise in getting the job done on behalf of your client, and your commitment to work effectively with corporate and community leaders in the Carroll County area. Whenever there is a need for fundraising of this type in Georgia in the future, it would be my pleasure to recommend First Community Development
Loy Howard, Tanner Medical Center
The involvement of our corporate and community leaders as well as approximately one hundred volunteers from the Carroll County area has increased awareness of the role of Carroll Tomorrow and the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce in economic and community development and enhanced our involvement in the business community. We have already experienced greater assistance and cooperation, and we attribute it to the Advantage Carroll campaign. Your guidance in developing our five-year Business Action Plan, assessing the feasibility of the campaign, setting the goal, recruiting the leadership, and coordinating the entire campaign was invaluable. We are grateful to First Community for this extraordinary success. We certainly could not have accomplished this without you.
Daniel Jackson, Carroll County Chamber of Commerce

When the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce needed some extraordinary fundraising, they turned to someone with an extraordinary record in raising funds.

The Advantage Carroll campaign revitalized the Economic Development program in Carroll County, GA. The county’s public and private sector leadership had lost interest in the program and financial support had dwindled to the point that the organization had to lay off staff. The campaign not only raised $3.8 Million on a $3.3 Million goal…it re-invigorated the leadership in Carroll County for Economic Development.

Raising 115% of the target gets people talking.