Benefits of Feasibility Analysis


I. GO/NO GO Recommendation – The Feasibility Report will recommend whether the client organization should, or should not proceed with the proposed funding campaign.

II. Feasible Campaign Goal – The Report will establish a feasible dollar goal for the campaign.

III. Campaign Volunteer Leadership – The analysis will identify the top ten candidates recommended by the community for key volunteer leadership positions in the campaign.

IV. Campaign Organization – The Report will recommend an organizational structure for the campaign and include an organization chart.

V. Campaign Timetable – The analysis will chart every community initiative as well as any other campaigns in progress or proposed which could impact the proposed initiative.

VI. Campaign Manpower – The Feasibility Report will determine the number of volunteers needed in the campaign and from where they may be recruited.

VII. Candid Opinions & Responses from Area Leaders – Community leaders will share their opinions regarding the proposed initiative, the client organization, the staff, and leadership.

VIII. Favorable & Unfavorable Factors – The Report will identify those factors which will impact the proposed initiative positively and negatively.

IX. Program Refinement – Community leaders will recommend ways to refine the proposed program in order to make it more compelling and bring it in line with a wider range of community support.

X. Project Implementation – The Feasibility Report will detail, in order, the action steps necessary to implement a successful funding campaign.