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First Community Development (FCD)

FCD provides expertise and project management services for major fundraising campaigns of $1 million or more to nonprofits in the Southeast United States.

FCD distinguishes itself from competitors by providing personalized service tailored to individual client needs and by offering innovative and effective approaches to fundraising initiatives.


FCD is Distinctive Among Fundraising Companies

about2One size doesn’t fit all
Our primary focus is raising funds for corporate organizations like Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Councils, Downtown Revitalization Authorities, and other selected non-profit organizations. Each campaign is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of the individual client and community because one style of fund raising doesn’t fit all.

We live and work in the South. We succeed in the South.
We only raise funds in the Southeastern nine states. Therefore, we are not spread across the country. We only focus on the region we understand and appreciate. We know how business is done here and the culture it represents. That makes us more compatible with your leadership and your community.

about3Your Campaign means everything to us
Rather than conducting 20 campaigns a year, as our competitors attempt, First Community accepts only a limited number of clients each year and we give their campaigns our full focus. That’s why we are so successful. Yours is the most important campaign we have and we do everything within our power to make it successful.

You get over a century of expertise
Steve Dorough, our Founder & CEO, is personally involved in every campaign FCD conducts. No other fundraising company at this level can make that claim. Adding the experience of Steve’s executive team and you will benefit from over 100 years of fundraising expertise for each campaign we direct.

about4We plan for your success
People give because it is in their best interest to do so. FCD helps your organization craft a compelling multi-year strategic plans that underscores the “need” in your community that this extraordinary fundraising will address. No other fundraising company begin with this level of strategic planning.

We deliver or else
We earn our professional fee with each pledge in your campaign. We only earn 100% of our professional fee when we deliver 100% of your goal in signed pledges. Our success is dependent upon the success of your campaign… as it should be.



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