Feasibility Analysis

inner-pg-FeasibilityFCD’s research enables you to gauge the level of philosophical and financial support for your campaign before you begin. The Feasibility Analysis lays the groundwork for a successful campaign by testing the philosophical and financial support of corporate and community leaders for the proposed plan of action. Over a six-to-eight-week period, a team of FCD professionals will conduct 50-75 confidential, face-to-face interviews with respected business leaders in your community to assess every aspect of the strategic plan.

Questions we answer with a Feasibility Analysis:

  • Is the proposed campaign goal realistic?
  • Who should be considered for volunteer leadership in the initiative?
  • How should the campaign be organized?
  • What level of support can the client organization count on from the corporate community?
  • Should the Strategic Plan be revised to bring it in line with public opinion?
  • What factors affect the campaign either positively or negatively?
  • Are any other community events in direct conflict with the initiative?
  • The professional, third-party perspective of an FCD Feasibility Analysis will provide valuable insight and candid opinions about the proposed initiative as well as supplying the needed data to make a “Go/No-Go” decision about your campaign.

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