Strategic Planning

inner-pg-PlaningThe Strategic Plan is the cornerstone of any fundraising campaign and not only presents the challenges that face your community but also outlines a clear plan of action to address each need.

However, a well-crafted strategic plan is not created in a vacuum. An FCD professional will work closely with the staff and volunteer leadership of your organization to ensure that the Strategic Plan reflects input from a broad range of corporate and community leaders. The by-product of such involvement is a strong sense of ownership for the plan and a high level of confidence that each aspect of the challenges facing your community is adequately addressed.

FCD professionals will facilitate and lead a series of half-day meetings with participants and temper the outcome with years of experience with similar organizations and initiatives in other communities throughout the Southeast.

The “product” of the planning process is a carefully crafted, cohesive document that includes:

  • A clear statement of the challenges facing your community
  • Action plans to address each of the challenges
  • The costs associated with implementing each component of the action plan

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