Our First Community Development “family” gathers every two weeks for a conference call on Wednesday mornings. It’s an opportunity for us to fellowship, to share what’s happening on our individual projects and within the company and discuss an interesting topic of mutual benefit.

Last Wednesday, we talked about the “Power of a Compliment.” Like you, we are all too busy. The speed and volume of our work augers against taking time to visit with our co-workers and friends. However, part of the reason we are here is to enjoy all that God provides, including everyone around us.

power of a compliment

In addition to being an agent for change—raising money to enable a community to accomplish extraordinary things—FCD can also be an agent for positive change, taking the time each day to recognize those around us including family, friends and associates for the good that they do and for the good people they are.

Try it today. Seek someone out and “pay” them a compliment. Trust me, it will have a positive impact and a lasting effect on both of you!