Have you ever purchased one of those 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles, with all the best intentions of an evening by the fire, patiently putting it together while sipping a soothing beverage, only to give up after 15 minutes and wonder why you ever started in the first place?

This is the way most of our clients feel about a fundraising campaign. They see the vision they want to accomplish. They need to raise some money for these new projects and programs. But after some frustrations and missing pieces they believe getting successfully to the finished product will be impossible.


Time and time again we help communities overcome their fears and frustrations to help them realize their vision. Our goal is to help communities understand that by our partnering with them, accomplishing their vision is not insurmountable.

Fundraising is very much like that jigsaw puzzle. When the box is opened and all of those pieces are dumped on the table, it doesn’t make much sense and the puzzle looks overwhelming. But you start working on the puzzle together because you know that a pattern will eventually emerge, that there is a way to fit all of the pieces together.

It will take time, you or your child will be tempted to give up, but the picture on the box is the goal and working together – Mom, Dad, older brothers and sisters-the community, are all there to help when the going gets tough and patience runs low. And once the puzzle is put together, the pieces fit together in a sensible pattern that seems clear and simple.

There are so many pieces that make up a vision that you might feel similarly overwhelmed. But the team at First Community Development is here to work with you and help you complete the pattern. And the closer we get to the goal, the clearer your vision becomes.

– Jeff Neufeld