Have you ever been surprised by something? Had a detail, a reality, or something unexpected sneak up on you – it could be major or minor, but it totally caught you off guard? Maybe even derailed your plans or caused you to miss a major milestone in a project – or worse, resulted in a serious accident.

Blind Spots — Anyone who’s driven on the freeway knows all too well how big of a danger a they are, but they aren’t strictly limited to driving cars. Often times people have blind spots in relationships, their perception of their professional abilities, and often times in their ability to accurately forecast a goal.

A blind spot in a fundraising campaign could end up being a minor annoyance – or it could mean disaster. Announcing a goal that’s out of reach, enlisting the wrong leadership, failing to engage the right investors and numerous other surprises represent significant threats to a major fundraising initiative.

For my car, I’ve purchased special parabolic mirrors that expand my ability to see past my cars blind spots. Many times, those $5 mirrors have saved me what could have been thousands of dollars in expense had I not noticed a vehicle that was in my blind spot.about4

So how can you check the blind spots for your organization’s fundraising goals? A mirror probably isn’t going to suffice. Well, unless you just have spinach in your teeth before you go walk into a meeting with a potential major investor.

At First Community Development we know all too well the risk that comes with not knowing your blind spots. To help leaders of nonprofit organizations assess the blind spots in their fundraising needs, we always suggest a comprehensive feasibility analysis before the commencement of a fundraising campaign.

A major fundraising campaign is not unlike a lane change at 75 miles per hour. There’s a great deal of momentum involved. Commitment is needed before action is taken, and knowledge of what will be found in the next lane is absolutely invaluable.

We’ve all seen the traffic jam caused by the accident on the side of the interstate that everyone can’t help but slow down to gawk at. You don’t want your next campaign to be that wreck, and neither do we.

If you’ve got an upcoming lane change that involves a fundraising need – a capital project, a new strategic plan, or simply continued funding for the growth of your organization – we’d love to help you check your blind spots so that your campaign can be successful.