How many times have you heard someone say, “But, we’ve always done it that way”?

When they are saying that about their Chamber of Commerce or their Economic Development Authority it’s a concern. What that means is that those folks aren’t making real progress. They’re not improving…doing more…achieving the organization’s full potential…making a difference in their communities.

In short, they aren’t changing the world for the better as fast as they could. What could they be doing instead?

  • Having courage!
  • Taking a chance!
  • Being a leader!

That’s what each of us was hired to do. In fact, that’s why each of us was put on earth…not to float serenely down the river of life…but to make a difference!


At First Community Development, we work hard with each of our client organizations every day to have a positive impact on their communities. Our strategic and proven approach to fundraising enables ordinary communities to achieve extraordinary results.

Are you ready to up your fundraising game and not just do things the way you always have? We’re ready to help.