Recently a good friend recommended the book Getting More by Stuart Diamond. Getting More offers powerful and effective advice, methods, and framework for “real world” negotiations.

Immediate Improvement in Negotiations


I’m what you may call a hedonistic reader – I pick books based on how I perceive they may benefit my personal life or work. There have been few books I have read which have paid dividends as quickly as Getting More. Quite frankly, it paid off even before I finished the book!

Yesterday by utilizing the methods prescribed in Getting More I was able to get a $240 reduction on my home internet/cable bill. Receiving a reduction on this bill was something I’d tried to do repeatedly over the past year, but after a 10-minute phone call yesterday I finally achieved success! I received the specific rate that I wanted – the same rate I had called and asked for each previous attempt.

What was the Difference?

I’ll let you get the specific details on methods which effected my success directly from Mr. Diamond and his book, but I’ll share the basics:

  • I assessed my goal, and had a clear vision of the impact of my success – the reduction of my monthly fees.
  • I consulted an experienced professional with a proven record of success – Stuart Diamond via Getting More.
  • I employed the prescribed methods, made a specific and direct appeal to the individual with authority to make a decision, and ultimately, I achieved my goal.

How can this Impact Fundraising?

Have you been “spinning your wheels” in your fundraising efforts? Are you convinced – as I was with my cable provider – that success is achievable, but despite your best efforts you simply aren’t making progress? Our goal at FCD is to get more for you – for your organization to achieve its fundraising goal.

If there is a way that our decades of experience and proven track record in fundraising might be of benefit your organization and help your vision for the future become a reality, please give us a call at (770) 448-7171 or drop us a line.

Ohh… and I highly recommend reading Getting More!

– Brian Abernathy, FCD Project Director