As we wind down the initial phase of our capital campaign for the Good Samaritan Healthcare Center of Gwinnett, it’s an ideal time to take stock of where we stand with delivering on the promise of this worthwhile campaign.


1) We helped the organization find a new, larger facility for incredible expansion. Progress on Good Samaritan’s new building continues to move along. The facility has been completely gutted inside and prepared for the renovation work to begin.

2) Architects are finalizing the plans for their facility of the future. Interior design is underway and it is expected that a request for bids will be issued this month, with a contractor to be selected some time in February.


3) An opening date for the new facility has been identified! If all goes as expected, Good Samaritan of Gwinnett should be opening its expanded services — including Gwinnett’s first full-time charity dental, pediatric, and pharmacy programs — in May of 2016.

How you can help:

As preparations for the buildout begin, there are many areas where donated materials or supplies can help reduce expenditures to allow more funding to be reserved for service delivery. If you have relationships with building material supplies, landscape suppliers, office or medical furnishing companies, or others you think might be willing to consider donating materials to the renovation, please let us know.

We are very proud of our efforts on behalf of Good Samaritan and look forward to them flourishing in their new facility. How can we help with your fundraising campaign?