I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. The United Methodist Church had a youth camp an hour’s drive east of the city, Camp Sumatanga, and I spent many summers there as a camper and later as a staff member.

“Sumatanga” is Sanskrit and means a “place of rest and vision.” In India, a sumatanga (hut or open air shelter) would be constructed along a mountain path halfway up the mountain. There a traveler could rest during his long walk. He could look back down the path from the sumatanga and see where he had been. And he could look up the path and see where he was going.


December is my sumatanga. We close the office from before Christmas until after New Years day so our Project Directors can enjoy the holidays with their families and friends. I enjoy coming into the office during that time to look back over the year and reflect on what we did well…and what we could do better. And then look ahead to next year and where we as a company need to go. I hope you have a sumatanga. Happy New Year!

– Steve Dorough