With any capital campaign, we’re working tirelessly with community partners to tell a worthwhile story that resonates with potential supporters. Whether raising funds for a museum or a rejuvenated downtown project, it all comes down to making a compelling case for donors to actively participate in reaching a well-defined goal.

One of the ways we help spread a campaign’s message is the use of video. As one of the most powerful storytelling mediums, video gives us the opportunity to showcase not only the core story but also the principal figures within a campaign. Hearing their words directly as they outline the need has a special way of connecting with the viewer.

As business professionals and community leaders continue to embrace digital communication and social media networks such as LinkedIn, video becomes an effective tool to share these campaigns and connect with new donors that can impact the financial success of a project.

In one of our current campaigns, the Good Samaritan Healthcare Center of Gwinnett, we’ve used video to define the incredible need and, more importantly, bring to life the stories of those who benefit from the center’s services. This small but powerful center provides critical medical services to vast numbers of the uninsured and under-insured, and this video defines the current facility’s problems and brings the stories of patients to life in an incredibly moving way.

As we hit the home stretch of this campaign, we’ve helped Good Samaritan attain a new, larger facility that will open in mid-2016. The new building will triple their square footage and provide ample parking for a growing number of patients. It will also include new pediatric, dental and pharmacy care to help local families in need.

This video has helped us share their story, kick off meetings and drive investments to a worthy program.

Contact us today and see how we can use video and other effective means to successfully help your campaign reach its goals.