Thanksgiving and Christmas are now only a matter of days away…and our thoughts turn to giving. If you’re like me, you’ve already begun your Christmas shopping list, trying to find the perfect gift for those you love. For the last 45 years, our family has gathered on the weekend before Christmas to celebrate our love for one another and for the Christ child. There are many more of us now and we come from other states and even another continent. Some years we exchange gifts. Some years we just gather for the joy of seeing one another again.


As I grow older, I’m aware that the true gift of the season has nothing to do with giving and receiving gifts. It has more to do with giving yourself to those you love. We get so caught up with the shopping and the parties and the decorating and the myriad events that we miss the opportunity to spend some quality time just being with the ones we love. I hope this year you have a meaningful Thanksgiving and a heartwarming Christmas!

– Steve Dorough