Progress is about change. In order to accomplish more…in order to do something better…in order to make a difference…we have to change what we’ve done before. And often that means we will need additional resources in order to accomplish that change. Fundraising isn’t just about “raising funds,” It’s also about “raising friends” who will embrace and implement that necessary change.


Part of our responsibility at FCD is to help the private and public sector leaders in a community identify what their critical needs are and how they can change them to improve business, improve their quality of life and make real progress. Once they identify and embrace the specific needs for change, local leaders become motivated to generate the resources to truly effect that change. Working together, they adopt a team spirit and a shared sense of ownership to raise these new funds and collectively address their community’s needs.

At First Community Development, our job as professional fundraisers is to help navigate that important process and keep accountability at the forefront. That’s why we’ve been able to achieve a 93% success rate with our fundraising goals.

Let us know how we can help your community embrace change.